Rural Children Value Education

Modern education has done wonders in educating the future global citizens in the academic, technical, economic and political fields. The recent inventions in the field of science, the phenomenal growth of the business world, the ever expanding economic prosperity and many more things are testimony of the modern education system in  guiding them for utilizing their skills. In spite of all the progress, today’s educated and ambitious youth, especially the teenagers, is facing a major challenge. The lack of internal satisfaction, sustained happiness and satisfying relationships (with parents, friends, teachers, etc.) are leading to ego problems, stress, depression and eventually taking up to bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs and even committing suicide.

In order to provide a holistic approach in assisting students imbibe the necessary moral values, ISKCON Rajgad has come with the program for Rural Children Value Education. This will help the students learn the time-tested principles in a practical way for contemporary application in their everyday life. Academic knowledge nourishes the head and value-based education nourishes the heart. The academic knowledge that one receives in school can be compared to a beautiful bungalow while value education is the foundation on which this house should be built.  If the foundation is strong and sturdy, the house will stand well and for long time to come.