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It had been evident from ISKCON’s earliest days that Srila Prabhupada desired to establish farming communities. In his seven-point charter drawn up in 1966, Prabhupada mentioned how he wanted the movement “to demonstrate a simple, more natural, way of life”. Such a life (and Srila Prabhupada thought of the villages […]

Simple living and high thinking

Letter to: Rupanuga — Vrindaban 7 December, 1975 Our cows are happy, therefore they give plenty of milk. Vedic civilization gives protection to all the living creatures, especially the cows, because they render such valuable service to the human society in the shape of milk, without which no one can […]

Krishna is a cowherd boy

Hearing the term ‘Cow Protection,’ people typically react in two ways. Some think protection is for endangered species, and since there are billions of cows, it’s better to concentrate on whales or the African elephant. Others think it may be some pagan worship of animals – the ‘sacred cow’ image. […]

Why Cow Protection ?